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Video Thoracoscopy

Pleural Biopsy

Pleural Biopsy

Pleural Biopsy is a procedure performed by our expert doctors to check for lung cancer. It's a minimally invasive and safe procedure that is done under general anaesthesia where a small sample of the pleura is removed to check if there are any cancerous cells present.
Pleural Adhesiolysis

Pleural Adhesiolysis

Pleural Adhesiolysis is a minimally invasive, safe and effective procedure that when performed under general anesthesia can improve the patient's quality of life, alleviate pain and return them to normal activities.


Pleurodesis is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that permanently treats symptoms of pectus excavatum by fusing the sternum to the chest wall. Pleurodesis can be performed in three different ways: open chest surgery, minimally invasive surgery (thoracoscopy), or percutaneous endoscopic surgery (PES).
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