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Bronchial Washings

Bronchial Washings

Bronchial Washings

At Breathe Easy Advanced Chest Care Centre, we offer Bronchial Washings that help in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma. With this procedure, we administer a highly potent combination of surfactant and saline solution into the lungs to clear out impurities present inside it. This helps in bringing relief from breathing problems as well as reduces chances of complications arising due to infection.

Bronchial washing is part of a technique referred to as bronchoscopy, in which a medical doctor looks into the lungs with a fiber-optic bronchoscope to check for irregularities and take tissue samples. The doctor injects saline thru the bronchoscope into the lung after which suctions it lower back out. By checking the wash return fluid, the medical doctor can diagnose bleeding, pneumonia, industrial pollutants, fungal infections, and different varieties of lung cancer. Patients undergoing bronchial washing normally obtain topical anesthesia with sedation. Most facet effects of bronchial washing are mild and consist of coughing, sore throat, and a sleepy feeling from being sedated.

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